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This course is for people who work with Purchase Orders (PO), especially for those whose companies create Purchase Orders when ordering products or services, flag the Purchase Orders as received within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or other system as products or services are delivered, and use 3-way matching to process invoices.

When was the last time anyone in your company pulled a report listing all Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced?  Were any over 30 days old?  If so, was research performed to find the reason why invoices were not yet matched to the receipts?

If you don’t know what this report is, why it should be reconciled or which teams would be responsible for performing the review, then this course is for you, whether you are in Accounts Payable (AP), General Accounting, Inventory Control or Purchasing.

Discover how this report can be used as an early warning sign of issues with vendor payments, costs posted to projects or accounts, or with inventory control discrepancies.

Learn some of the most common reasons why PO Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced age out, how to perform the research on aged items and the teams to be involved in making any needed corrections.

Hear about some of the benefits of reconciling an Aged PO Goods Received Not Invoiced Report including:

  • Reducing the risk of the double booking of expenses and other costs.
  • Confirming accuracy of Good Receipts postings.
  • Identifying non-receipt of invoices from Vendors.
  • Ensuring invoices are being matched to posted receipts correctly to avoid variance bookings.
  • Discovering changes in a Vendor’s name not reflected on Purchase Orders previously created.

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Learning Objectives

  • Discover what a Purchase Order (PO) Receipts Not Yet Invoiced Report is and recognize what it should include.
  • Explore how to analyze the data supplied taking into consideration the Company’s payment terms and average turn-around time from receipt of invoice
  • Identify some of the reasons why PO Goods Receipts age out without an invoice being processed against them.
  • Explore the processes that can be used to quickly identify Aged Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced that need to be researched immediately.
  • Explore the benefits of reconciling the Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced Reports on a regular basis.

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Your courses are excellent, these help me to develop ideas to prepare when I audit accounts payable and/or any other related sub-process. Excellent.
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Very helpful for someone transitioning into the manufacturing industry. GRNI is an extremely important item that needs to be scrutinized on a regular basis.
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I liked the general overview/knowledge from an AP/general accounting standpoint. As I'm involved in the purchasing goods receipt. Good overview.
Anonymous Author
Accounts Payable team would benefit immensely from this course.
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slldes were too wordy, more examples could have been utlised.


No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  3:23Introduction to The Benefits of Reconciling PO Goods Receipts Not Invoiced
  5:51What is a PO Goods Receipt Not Invoiced?
  7:38Why Reconcile Aged PO GRNI’s?
  6:07How to Reconcile Aged PO GRNI’s.
  10:09Why PO GRNI’s Age Out; Root Causes
  7:26Resolving/Correcting Goods Receipts Not Invoiced
Continuous Play
  42:52The Benefits of Reconciling Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced
  PDFSlides: The Benefits of Reconciling Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced
  PDFThe Benefits of Reconciling Purchase Order Goods Receipts Not Yet Invoiced Glossary/Index