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Every potentially brilliant idea is a grand experiment that attempts to answer a few critical questions. The first question is not "Can this idea be realized?" But rather, "Should this idea be realized?” Finding answers to these questions requires an efficient discovery process, because no one is smart enough to think through all aspects of a solution from the start.

Using a Proof of CO-STAR (TM) approach, innovators develop strategies to address the inherent uncertainties surrounding their idea while building a sound business case for its approval and funding. Planning and then using experimental techniques to ask the right questions and collect the right data is the surest way to get to the right solution.

This course focuses on “proving” the value of new ideas. It emphasizes outreach, quantification, and rapid iteration. These methods will help accelerate your learning curve and quickly determine whether to pivot, persevere or put the idea to rest.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how failure plays a key role in successful innovation
  • Identify the critical assumptions and unknowns for your idea and learn how to use experimentation to address them
  • Discover how to build a prototype of your solution, and do it quickly and cheaply
  • Discover how to move beyond the realm of opinion and demonstrate the value of your idea
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Includes interesting examples of how a couple of well know companies tested their ideas quickly and cost effectively.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

The first two courses in Become a Successful Innovator series are recommended.

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Course Syllabus
  2:22Introduction to the Part 3
  4:44Success Through Failure
  4:17Proof of CO-STAR
  4:16Assessing Your CO-STAR
  1:28Finding Answers to Your Questions
  1:58Experimentation and the “Do It Yourself” Approach
  3:12The Benefits of “Building It”
  5:45Rapid Prototyping Tips
  1:36Collecting Customer Data
  3:08Summary of Key Concepts
  32:46Become a Successful Innovator Part 3: The CO-STAR Method for Proving Your Idea is Brilliant
  PDFSlides: The CO-STAR Method for Proving Your Brilliant Idea
  PDFThe CO-STAR Method for Proving Your Brilliant Idea Glossary/Index