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One of the easiest ways for auditors to demonstrate measurable value is by helping management prevent theft, wrongdoing and outright fraud. Few managers have meaningful fraud prevention skills – creating an overwhelming need for help. Auditors have the knowledge of controls and critical behaviors needed to prevent fraud, and the forum to deliver this critical service. All we need is the structure of how to deliver.

In this program, you learn: 

  • The Three Level Fraud Risk Management Framework
  • The six critical actions to prevent business fraud – and exactly how audit can provide the coaching to make it all happen
  • How to lead manager and staff Fraud Risk Brainstorming discussions
  • Critical anti-fraud controls and daily behaviors for managers and staff
  • The secrets of One-Step Fraud Prevention – incredibly simple, surprisingly powerful

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how to assist management in their fraud prevention efforts
  • Identify the six critical actions every organization must take to prevent fraud – and how audit can add value to providing this information
  • Explore control procedures and daily behaviors that prevent fraud
  • Discover exactly how to assist in fraud prevention – while honoring the audit standards of objectivity and independence.
Last updated/reviewed: February 21, 2019

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Anonymous Author
The presenter is very effective and engaging. This course helps to better understand that auditors should not be viewed as a fault finder but should also work with their clients. The examples provided are great.
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Great introductory course in creating fraud awareness at any size organization
Anonymous Author
The instructor made the material interesting. He had great recommendations and his message was very true that usually auditors are more knowledgeable in fraud and fraud prevention, therefore auditors have a responsibility to assist management and make recommendation where possible.
Anonymous Author
Great instructor! He provided excellent descriptions and examples as he walks you through the "Action Wall to Prevent Fraud". Great tips on how Auditors can add value by providing this framework and how they can do so while maintaining their objectivity and independence.
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I'm very impressed by the fact that the instructor went out of his way to be helpful and accessible to students outside of this course to answer questions.
Anonymous Author
I thought the course had some helpful tips and concepts that would be beneficial to any organization.
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I learned a lot about fraud prevention and my (the auditors) role in regard to projects.
Anonymous Author
good course for auditor's, defines the role played in preventing fraud in the work place


Course Complexity: Intermediate

There are no specific prerequisites for this program, although a working knowledge of auditing principles and practices will be helpful. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series in addition to completing this one.


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Course Syllabus
  4:31Introduction to the Auditor’s Role in Fraud Prevention
  13:41Why and how to assist management with their Fraud Prevention Efforts
  10:476 Critical Actions of Fraud Prevention - and how audit can add value by providing this action framework Part 1
  12:556 Critical Actions of Fraud Prevention - and how audit can add value by providing this action framework Part 2
  5:556 Critical Actions of Fraud Prevention - and how audit can add value by providing this action framework Part 3
  3:33Exactly how audit can help - while honoring professional standards of Objectivity and Independence
  51:24The Auditor’s Role in Fraud Prevention
  PDFSlides: The Auditor’s Role in Fraud Prevention
  PDFThe Auditor’s Role in Fraud Prevention Glossary/Index