Today’s workforce includes people of all ages, races, religions, beliefs and abilities. Management must find ways to accommodate a wide variety of styles and needs.

This course is designed to help you create the necessary changes for those with disabilities. Some of our most talented workers require extra aids in order to be effective.  Research finds that workers with disabilities are harder working and more reliable than many others thus, very much worth the effort.

We will discuss the laws and their changes and intent. Examples and tips will enable today’s manager to understand and make accommodations for those with mental and psychological disabilities as well as those with physical ones.

The goal:  A level playing field for all workers.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the laws and their intent regarding the workplace
  • Explore simple ways accommodations can be made for a variety of needs
  • Recognize the problems people with emotional/psychological disabilities can cause and possible remedies
  • Discover the value of hiring those with disabilities.
Last updated/reviewed: August 26, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

29 CoursesMastering Management Certification

  1. Preventing Harassment, Abusive Behavior, Bullying, And Discrimination In the Workplace
  2. The Art and Science of Interviewing
  3. Investigating a Complaint of Inappropriate Behavior in The Workplace
  4. Understanding Our Unconscious Biases
  5. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Management’s Role
  6. Management Providing Safety and Better Ergonomics
  7. Maintaining a Culture of Innovation and Creativity
  8. Managing Passive People
  9. Group Decision Making and Problem Solving
  10. Resolving Workplace Conflict
  11. Company Culture: Creating and Maintaining the Best
  12. Part I: Cultural and Behavioral Information for Business in an International – Global Environment
  13. Part II: Country Specific, Cultural, and Behavioral Information - Doing Business in a Global Environment
  14. Effective Time Management and Goal Setting/Delegation
  15. Culture: Inside the Company and Outside the Country
  16. Cognitive Styles (Styles of Thinking, Talking, Giving and Receiving Information)
  17. Finding Success with Teams Working Far Apart
  18. Change Management: The People Side
  19. Effective Workplace Negotiation and Persuasion
  20. Ethics and Attitude in the Workplace
  21. Creating Rewards and Recognitions that Get You What You Want to Achieve
  22. Onboarding: From Entry-Level to Senior Executive
  23. Marrying Career Development with Succession Planning
  24. Visibility Enhances Promotability
  25. Delegating Skills for Managers
  26. Assertiveness Skills for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals
  27. How EQ Helps Motivate Your Staff
  28. Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators
  29. Communication: A Two-Way Process
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Member's Profile
This is an interesting course. It gives a broader definition of disabilities and not just the obvious physical disabilities. This course would be good for all levels of employees, not just management.

Anonymous Author
Highly effective overview of the ADA. I especially benefited from the reasonable accommodations discussion.

Member's Profile
Very enjoyable and informative presentation. An excellent refresher on the do's and don'ts on ADA rules.

Anonymous Author
Well done and covered. Would’ve gone over legal more.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Americans With Disabilities Management’s Role17:02
  Reasonable Accommodations13:26
  Emotional Social and Psychological Disabilities6:46
  New Construction or Modifications of Facility1:21
  The Scams2:28
  Do's and Dont's7:07
  Summary and Conclusions00:51
  Americans With Disabilities Management’s Role 49:04
  Slides: Americans With Disabilities Management’s RolePDF
  Americans With Disabilities Management’s Role Glossary/IndexPDF