This course provides an overview of the basics of AI, including the key concepts related to AI such as machine learning, deep learning, and Natural Language Processing. This course provides a discussion of how AI has evolved from its early beginnings. This course also provides a discussion of how AI and automation can be used in the accounting profession.

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NOTE: There is a 8 CPE Credit Hours combined course also available:
AI Essentials for CPA - Exploring Cutting-Edge Technology (Text Based Course)

Learning Objectives
  • Identify key concepts related to AI.
  • Recognize subsets of machine learning.
  • Identify key characteristics of deep learning.
  • Recognize how AI can be used in the accounting profession.
Last updated/reviewed: April 8, 2024
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Very informative course. The material is clear and has a number of useful examples. I will surely register for additional courses on the subject matter. This one is great to get an overview. The only negative is I wish it was a video course

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Good quick summary of AI with a few pointers for tax professionals at the end.

Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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