The course is presented in four parts:

First, the course illustrates where pivot tables stand in Excel Techniques, and covers the topic of when and when NOT to use a pivot table.

Second, the course illustrates how to build a self-service dashboard using:

  • pivot tables
  • pivot charts
  • slicers
  • timeline

Third, the course provides 5 extreme hacks for pivot tables including:

  • How to collapse 12 months data into 1 field?
  • How to break free of Pivot Tables?
  • How to use Power Pivot without opening Power Pivot?
  • How to connect tables without using VLOOKUP()?

Last, the course explores best practices in building a dashboard. They include:

  • Do follow data table naming convention
  • Do fix changing column width
  • Do keep column/bar charts sorted
  • Do add a heat map for pivot tables

Course Key Concepts: Artificial Intelligence, Pivot chart, Slicer, Timeline, Power Pivot, Power Query, Data model, Outline form, Calculated fields, Calculated item, Auto Refresh, VBA, Macro.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore and understand crucial elements and skills in building a dashboard.
  • Recognize ways of building inter-connected data models for pivot tables and Power Pivot.
  • Discover 5 extreme Pivot Table hacks.
  • Recognize differences between GETPIVOTDATA() and CUBEVALUE().
  • Explore and understand 7 best practices of building pivot tables in a dashboard.
Last updated/reviewed: March 11, 2024
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Awesome course! I learned so much about PivotTables, Power Query, Relationships, etc. Very informative - I am looking forward to doing more courses by Mr. Wu.

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Again another great course by Lenny Wu. He explains what to do and shows how to clearly. The hacks and best practices are great!

Anonymous Author
Love the tips for autorefresh and dashboard DOs and DON'Ts. Look forward to other courses w/ Lenny.

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Really great content and awesome workbooks to practice along with

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PERFECT pace and excellent hacks to use immediately!

Course Complexity: Advanced

Basic Excel knowledge
Basic Pivot Table knowledge
Example: be able to build a simple Pivot Table from scratch in seconds, etc.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Advanced Pivot Table: Ticket to Self-service Dashboards0:48
  Hierarchy of Excel Techniques1:16
  Instructor Introduction 1:10
  Comparison with Other Similar Courses 1:22
  What You will Get from this Course? 0:37
Pivot Table and Self-service Dashboard
  Dashboard 1 - Artificial Intelligence function3:54
  Dashboard 2 - Pivot chart2:00
  Dashboard 3 - Top 10 List1:11
  Dashboard 4 - Value ranges3:28
  Dashboard 5 - Slicer1:33
  Dashboard 6 - Timeline1:18
  Dashboard 7 - How to control multiple pivot tables?2:28
Extreme Pivot Table Hacks
  How to collapse 12 months data into 1 field?5:35
  How to use Power Pivot without opening Power Pivot?2:32
  How to connect tables without using VLOOKUP()?4:43
  How to build a dynamic financial report on a pivot table?4:33
  How to break free of Pivot Tables?4:45
Best Practices - Pivot Tables in a Dashboard
  Best Practice No. 11:47
  Best Practice No. 21:39
  Best Practice No. 31:14
  Best Practice No. 41:08
  Best Practice No. 51:33
  Best Practice No. 61:40
  Best Practice No. 73:24
  Takeaways 1:22
  Next Course and Q&A 0:30
  Advanced Pivot Table: Ticket to Self-service Dashboards57:26
  Slides: Advanced Pivot Table: Ticket to Self-service DashboardsPDF
  Advanced Pivot Table: Ticket to Self-service Dashboards Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Pivot Tables Advanced (Practice)XLSX
  Pivot Tables Advanced (Answer)XLSM