It is important that access to online bank accounts, Instagram pictures, eBooks or even reward miles be considered as part of the estate planning process in today’s digital world. This course discusses, in detail, why digital assets should be included in the estate planning process. It then walks you through the steps you need to consider when planning for digital assets and overviews some factors that should be considered during this process. Finally, it discusses some of the difficulties and solutions of managing digital assets due to corporate and state restrictions.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the difficulty in accessing digital assets of a deceased person.
  • Identify digital assets.
  • Identify critical components of digital asset planning
  • Recognize the difference between owned and leased digital assets.
  • Recognize the approaches corporations and states are taking with accessing digital assets of deceased individuals.
Last updated/reviewed: March 14, 2024
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Anonymous Author
So much important and essential information that most people aren't aware of. We all have digital assets - financial and social, but very few of us have provided for access to them after we die. It's important that we pass this knowledge on to clients.

Anonymous Author
After being an administrator on an estate, I found this subject very interesting. I had no idea about some of the ownership rights that were assumed.

Anonymous Author
Interesting and well written. Case studies and examples make the content easier to grasp.

Anonymous Author
Reviews the current state of play in accounting for digital assets in estate planning.

Anonymous Author
Great information and very useful! I learned a lot of tips in planning.

Course Complexity: Intermediate
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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