Many financial professionals face a continuous barrage of challenges.  Seeing your way through these challenges and succeeding in the face of adversity is resilience – one of the six traits of executive presence.  This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills of high potential financial professionals in business. The desired outcome is to increase your level of perseverance and resilience enabling you to see through important, challenging long-term initiatives. 

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

6 Courses6 Traits of Executive You

  1. 6 Traits of Executive You: Confidence
  2. 6 Traits of Executive You: Relationship Building
  3. 6 Traits of Executive You: Communication Skills
  4. 6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience
  5. 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  6. 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding
Learning Objectives
  • Discover how to assess your own level of passion and perseverance
  • Recognize how to clarify your personal values and establish a fool-proof mechanism to live your values and move toward your personal goals every day
  • Identify the 4 ingredients of grittiness that help you persevere over long periods of time
  • Explore how to make deliberate practice and nudging a daily routine to achieve amazing results
Last updated/reviewed: August 16, 2023
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I'm really enjoying these 6 Trait courses. Just finished 3 and have 3 more to go. It's nice to shift focus and work on personal development and go inside for contemplation for a bit.

Anonymous Author
I thought this course was very interesting and helpful. I thought the instructor explained the topic very well. I would recommend this course to others.

Anonymous Author
Identifying ones personal values and incorporating those values in your daily routine. Don't beat yourself up, learn and grow from our mistakes.

Anonymous Author
Enjoyed the course content and presentation. Jennifer does a great job keeping your attention and focus.

Anonymous Author
This is one of the courses in a six part series and they have all been exceptional.

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This course effectively taught resilience and how to achieve this in a tactful way.

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I liked the information in this course. Its a good look at yourself evaluation.

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Good incorporation of Angela Duckworth’s writings in her book Grit.

Anonymous Author
Good specific steps that can be taken over time to achieve success.

Anonymous Author
6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience Good content. Thanks!

Anonymous Author
I thoroughly enjoyed all the examples in the class.

Course Complexity: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite Education: None.
  • Prerequisite Experience: Managerial experience.
  • Prerequisite Preparation:  None 
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience Promo2:52
  6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience Grit Quiz3:32
  Personal Goals7:48
  4 Grit Factors4:59
  Deliberate Practice4:10
  Overcoming Adversity4:21
  6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience 39:07
  Slides: 6 Traits of Executive You: ResiliencePDF
  6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience Glossary/IndexPDF
  Workbook: 6 Traits of Executive You: ResiliencePDF