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Many financial professionals suffer from weak presence, not from a lack of competence, but because the finance discipline is so complex and analytical in nature.  This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills of high potential financial professionals in business. After taking this course, you will know how to strengthen your personal brand and consistently deliver on that brand promise each and every day. 

Course Series

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6 Courses6 Traits of Executive You

  1. 6 Traits of Executive You: Confidence
  2. 6 Traits of Executive You: Relationship Building
  3. 6 Traits of Executive You: Communication Skills
  4. 6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience
  5. 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  6. 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to define your personal brand to stand out from an overly crowded marketplace
  • Recognize how to improve your appearance, look the part, and dress for success
  • Explore how to differentiate your brand and make it compelling
  • Discover how to communicate your executive brand to the world
Last updated/reviewed: June 28, 2021

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The information was presented well; it was easy to focus on without distractions due to the content and tone. The additional tools to work on personal brand are great, especially around reminders on self-awareness. I plan to listen to all 6 Traits!
Anonymous Author
Many people often aren't deliberate as they should be about this, so the content was a good reminder of what to keep in mind as one's career develops.
Anonymous Author
Reminder to be self aware and how your reputation can equal your brand. It's important to communicate your brand and there are several ways to do.
Anonymous Author
Good high-level view of personal branding. I look forward to looking at some of the books they referenced, too.
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This is an excellent course to help those like myself who need to get a roadmap to success at the next level
Member's Profile
Good coaching on developing and communicating your professional brand. Well done!
Member's Profile
This course was incredibly informative and had a well rounded knowledge base.
Anonymous Author
it is an interesting video, good information and clear action plan.
Anonymous Author
Generally good series. Wonder if may have been more to branding.


Course Complexity: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite Education: None.
  • Prerequisite Experience: Managerial experience.
  • Prerequisite Preparation:  None 

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Course Syllabus
  2:586 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding Promo
  2:341 Introduction to 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding
  2:492 Define Your Brand
  4:143 Appearance
  2:074 Differentiators
  5:075 Brand Communication
  2:216 Conclusion
  22:106 Traits of Executive You - Personal Branding Full Video
  PDFSlides: 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding
  PDF6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding Glossary/Index
  PDFWorkbook: 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding