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Many financial professionals face a continuous barrage of challenges.  Seeing your way through these challenges and succeeding in the face of adversity is resilience – one of the six traits of executive presence. 

This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills of high potential financial professionals in business. In this course, you learn how to recruit, retain, and develop a strong team of financial professionals, increasing the capabilities and capacity of the finance function to support the business. You learn approaches for raising and protecting the level of financial credibility, allowing conversations to focus on the implications of numbers and less on the numbers themselves. 

Course Series

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6 Courses6 Traits of Executive You

  1. 6 Traits of Executive You: Confidence
  2. 6 Traits of Executive You: Relationship Building
  3. 6 Traits of Executive You: Communication Skills
  4. 6 Traits of Executive You: Resilience
  5. 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  6. 6 Traits of Executive You: Personal Branding

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the differences between managers and leaders, and explore how to let go of the manger mindset and become a leader.
  • Discover the leadership effect, and identify ways to measure the results of leaders and their importance to every organization.
  • Explore how to lead using your personal power in the absence of fancy job titles.
  • Recognize how to protect and elevate your level of credibility with all your important stakeholders.
Last updated/reviewed: May 25, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Calling out the difference in accountable vs responsible. Highlighting the basics for being viewed as a credible leader. Just the buzz words like honest, empathic, visionary, trusted and social power vs transformational leadership. Very good course!
Anonymous Author
Good distinctions between manager and leader to assist people to progress from one to another. Good examples of how to become a leader through credibility and influence even without the authority.
Anonymous Author
This course is simply amazing with the coverage of very important elements of leadership using a very articulate and captivating delivery method Thanks
Member's Profile
This course was effective in teaching credible leadership. I feel confident in learning this course.
Member's Profile
This course reviews a critical component of any organization and that is the role of leadership.
Member's Profile
Once again, a great course by Blair Cook with good thought-provoking information.
Anonymous Author
It was very fun and exciting to have this session about leadership.
Anonymous Author
Interesting ....A bit long for the topic. Too many slides.


Course Complexity: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite Education: None.
  • Prerequisite Experience: Managerial experience.
  • Prerequisite Preparation:  None 

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Course Syllabus
  2:49Blair Cook: 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership Promo
  2:09Introduction to Blair Cook: 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  4:17Manager to Leader
  7:59Leadership Effect
  4:04Leadership and Power
  13:11Acting with Credibility
  1:48Credible Leadership
  36:206 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  PDFSlides: 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership
  PDF6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership Glossary/Index
  PDFWorkbook: 6 Traits of Executive You: Credible Leadership