In a competitive market a poorly executed demo can do more than just bore prospects, it can lengthen your sales cycle, damage your credibility and even cause you to lose the deal.  Even experienced presenters are often unaware of the costly mistakes they are making in their demo. 

This course helps you prepare and execute a memorable demo and avoid those costly mistakes. You’ll see examples of the top 5 demo mistakes and learn why they happen and how they affect your audience.  You’ll walk away with proven techniques for tailoring your demo to your audience, highlighting value, and keeping attention and engagement high throughout your demo. 

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the 5 most costly demo mistakes and recognize why they happen
  • Discover how to structure your demo to align with your audience’s interests
  • Explore how to highlight value and avoid a “feature dump”
  • Explore ways to maintain audience attention throughout your demo
  • Discover how use your demo to tell a compelling story



Last updated/reviewed: August 17, 2023
Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisites:  Appropriate for sales and pre-sales people at any level who demonstrate products or solutions.

Advanced Preparation:  None. 

Education Provider Information
Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
Contact: For more information regarding this course, including complaint and cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (408) 400- 3993 or send an e-mail to .
Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to 5 Costly Demo Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them3:08
5 Costly Demo Mistakes
  No Context or Benefits4:09
  No Context or Benefits Take 23:44
  Feature Firehose 7:00
  Feature Firehose Take 23:08
  Putting Yourself First 6:22
  Losing Audience Focus 6:16
  Lack of Engagement 5:30
  Course Conclusion 2:37
Continuous Play
  5 Costly Demo Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them 41:55
  Slides: 5 Costly Demo Mistakes – and How to Avoid ThemPDF
  5 Costly Demo Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them Glossary/IndexPDF