According to a 2012 study by CareerBuilder, 35% of the workforce encounters bullies at work. Workplace bullying is systematic psychological abuse that degrades and humiliates, and causes anxiety, depression, burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction in targets and bystanders. Bullying includes frequent yelling, manipulation of work, nasty emails, social isolation, and a host of other negative behaviors. If allowed to flourish, it invites severe, damaging consequences for your organization, including increased turnover, communication breakdown, reduced quality in work and poor customer service.

Join Catherine Mattice, internationally-recognized expert and author of the book hailed by Ken Blanchard as “the most comprehensive and valuable handbook” on workplace bullying, as she takes you through the process of developing effective strategies for dealing with workplace bullying and provides a step-by-step guide for building a healthy workplace where employees can thrive.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover the definition of workplace bullying, examples of behaviors, and the similarities to illegal harassment
  • Identify two ways to get leadership on board for solving workplace bullying
  • Recognize that a healthy workplace policy is better than an anti-bullying policy
  • Discover how to create a plan for building a positive workplace culture, including easy-to-implement action items
  • Identify how “good behavior” fits into your performance management system, so that bullies would be treated for bullying as any employee would be treated for other performance missteps
  • Explore your role in coaching bullies into a new kind of behavior



Last updated/reviewed: March 19, 2024
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Anonymous Author
I found this course very helpful. It helped clearly define what bullying is, gave examples of bullying behavior to help spot when it's occurring, and provided concrete actions to take in making a difference in changing the culture of the organization.

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Overall, this is a comprehensive course. The instructor provides several examples on how to address bullying and more importantly, on what management can do to promote a positive work environment.

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This was full of great information. The presenter used great examples to highlight the steps in the process and broke the process down so it was easy to understand.

Anonymous Author
good information - presented well. bullying happens way too often and in the right circumstances is never addressed.

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Effective, plain language course. I learned new things and techniques.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to 10 Steps to Eliminating Workplace Bullying4:09
  Bullying vs Harassment6:48
  Bullying is Social10:30
  Steps 1 - 3 11:30
  Step 49:18
  Steps 5 - 613:56
  Steps 7 - 1012:17
  10 Steps to Eliminating Workplace Bullying 1:21:00
  Slides: 10 Steps to Replacing Workplace Bullying with a Positive WorkplacePDF
  10 Steps to Replacing Workplace Bullying with a Positive Workplace Glossary/IndexPDF
  Review Questions quiz
 Final Examexam