Dirty Dozen

Indicators of Organizational Ineffectiveness

Dirty Dozen Indicators of Organizational IneffectivenessOrganizational effectiveness can be summed up as an ongoing system in which all projects, processes, and resources earn more than they cost, enable winning strategies and, as importantly, nothing else is done – zero errors of omission and commission.

Leading management research shows that under the right conditions, errors of omission and commission melt away on their own, never to return, advancing the firm to a state of problem prevention where the need to identify and solve problems has melted away, yes?  These “right conditions” are embodied in system-level thinking and action, the key to great corporate leadership.

To give you a feel for the return on investment you will achieve for your firm and its stakeholders by shifting to the systems level, consider the degree to which the following “dirty dozen indicators of organizational ineffectiveness“ - some errors of omission, others errors of commission - are present in your firm. 

  1. Leaders work in the business instead of on the business.
  2. Emphasis is on local goals instead of enterprise goals.
  3. Conversations don’t begin and end with operating income and the capital charge.
  4. People don’t understand that everyone has the same job.
  5. The strategic plan is not integrated into the operating plan.
  6. Culture is not derived from strategy.
  7. Long-term and strategic are considered the same thing.
  8. Line managers are not held accountable for achieving excellence at HR, Finance, IT, and Quality practice.
  9. People think the primary purpose of planning is a plan.
  10. “Results” equals “no results plus a good excuse.”
  11. Boards are not partners with management in strategy formulation, organizational design, and culture management.
  12. People are not sure about the interdependence between resources, capabilities, critical success factors, core competencies, strategic assets, sustainable competitive advantage, and long-term shareholder value.

Now imagine a future in which your firm has zero degree of any of these ineffectiveness indicators.  By taking our new Systems-Level Corporate Leadership course, you will pull that future into the present, achieve breakthrough results, and join the less than 1% of leaders who meet the standard for being a strategic asset and source of sustainable competitive advantage to their firms. 

If not you, who?  If not now, when?

This is why we are now offering the course, Strategic Business Partner: The Driving Force for Organizational Effectiveness.  It is truly the key to great corporate leadership producing high-performance organizations in which all people work together as a system to achieve extraordinary results.  


Mark Sickles, CEO of SuperOrg

Mark is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of SuperOrg, a professional services firm providing book, service, and software uniquely designed to enable corporate leaders to optimize sustainable value creation.