The 7

Industry-Leading Features of Illumeo's CPE Platform

The 7 Industry-Leading Features of Illumeo's CPE Platform There are over 2,000 NASBA-approved CPE providers nationally; All providing Continuing Education for CPAs and other certified accountants. With a growing number of online providers, it can be challenging for individuals, firms, and enterprises to choose the best platform. Primarily, because requirements vary among users, individuals may choose to focus more on Unlimited CPE credits and CPE Compliance Monitor, while firms and enterprises may have more interest in a CPE platform’s utility beyond CPE Credits.

Illumeo is a CPE Platform that is purposefully designed to meet the needs of both individual and business users. Below are 7 features of Illumeo CPE that put us a step above the competition: 

1. CPE Subscription – Individual Vs Enterprise

Almost all CPE providers sell similar CPE subscriptions to both individuals and businesses. There are often no differences in subscription features apart from pricing – usually a discount for group subscriptions. Illumeo, however, created separate CPE products with user-specific functions. No other CPE Provider matches Illumeo’s CPE subscription features.

Illumeo Individual Subscription Features

Illumeo Corporate Subscription Features

  • 1,600+ CPE Courses

  • 1,600+ CPE Courses

  • Over 80 Live CPE Webinars/year

  • Over 80 Live CPE Webinars/year

  • Unlimited CPE

  • CPE Compliance Monitor

  • Enterprise-wide CPE Compliance Monitor

  • Professional Development Tools

  • User Management 

  • Individual Employee Training Tracking

  • Professional Development Features

  • Managerial Controls for Team Assessment & Development

  • Reporting Tools

For firms and enterprises, Illumeo offers its one-of-a-kind, LMS for CPE. It is feature-rich with trainings and CPE courses that cover every function of the CFO office. 

 2. Free CPE

Did you know, you can earn as many as 2 CPE credits for free on the Illumeo Platform every week? Just look for the ‘Free CPE Course of the Week’ and ‘Free Webinars.’ Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates on the free resources available, and links to register for the events and earn free CPE Credits.  

3. Illumeo is the Global Leader in Specialty On-Demand CPE Content

It’s true. Illumeo is the only CPE Platform in the world with over 1,700 On-Demand CPE courses for CPAs, CMAs, and others. Actually, our courses provide 25+ types of CPE credits and cover every function within the CFO office including tax, audit, assurance, excel, risk, internal audit, finance, soft skills, and many more. 

The next best provider has half as many on-demand resources as us. Explore our CPE course library and CPE Credentials.  

4. Compliance Monitor™

The CPE Compliance Monitor™ from Illumeo helps you keep track of your continuing education credits to consistently meet the requirements. You can earn your credits on Illumeo or elsewhere - the Compliance Monitor™ makes it easy to keep track of everything. 

We don’t use a 3rd party CPE Compliance Monitors like some of our competitors. Ours is in-house developed so any state’s CPE credit update is swiftly implemented. 

5. Largest Variety of Micro Certifications & Premium CPE Content

We offer over 40 micro certification programs in a variety of expertise such as Data Analysis & BI, Internal Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Bookkeeping, Organizational Development, Human Resources Development, and more. These certification programs are developed through years of research by functional experts with decades of experience. All certifications consist of Premium CPE and aim at developing functional experts.  

6. Free Trial

  •  Individual users can sign up for Illumeo’s free trial where they can enroll in 12 free courses to get a look and feel of the platform. 
  •  There is a 2-week free corporate trial available for firms, enterprises, and NFPs. This free trial includes unlimited users and all users can enroll in any CPE course they like with all the platform functionalities. 

7. Professional Development

It’s a big question – Does CPE really add to professional learning and development? Most CPE providers sell their courses both as a source of CPE credits and for professional development. Does it really meet both needs though? Not always. Most CPE platforms don’t have the tools to really dig deep into the real-life training needs of a working professional. But Illumeo does.

Our LMS for CPE pioneered the concept of linking CPE with the actual training needs of professionals. Our self and managed assessments help professionals and managers to know their or their team’s training needs. Once the assessment has identified real-world functional areas requiring improvement, our AI-enabled course recommendation chooses a set of courses for the user. Similarly, managers can recommend courses for their team members and even carve out separate learning plans for their team members. These functionalities and features remain specific to Illumeo and help thousands of our subscribers earn CPE credits while becoming functional experts.