6 Reasons

Webinars are the Perfect CPE Option for Q4

6 Reasons Webinars are the Perfect CPE Option for Q4As 2018 starts to draw to a close, you may have realized that you're coming up a bit short on CPE hours for the year. While on-demand courses are an excellent way to beef up those hours, another option (especially if you're only short an hour or two) is to sign up for a few webinars. 

Why are webinars a great option to earn CPE?

They offer a minimal time commitment. 

While the length varies based on what company you use, we keep most webinars to 60 minutes. That means that during the time it takes you to eat your lunch, you can earn one hour of CPE and learn a thing or two. 

They cover a wide variety of topics.

Here at Illumeo we cover all kinds of information on accounting, finance, HR, and more. With upcoming webinars on GAAP Updates, Blockchain & Bitcoin, and Nonresident Alien Reporting, you can earn up to 12 hours of CPE before the end of the year and start 2019 with a better understanding of these topics and more. 

They're regularly updated to stay relevant.

Webinars offer the most up-to-date information, especially regarding tax updates, GAAP and IFRS updates, and anything else that changes often. This ensures you are using your limited time to learn material that is still relevant and practical.  

They're taught by experienced professionals. 

The people who lead webinars at Illumeo aren't just academics. They are experienced professionals who work in the topics they are discussing on a regular basis. They are CEOs, published authors, industry experts who are sharing their knowledge with you. 

They don't require travel. 

Unlike workshops or conferences, webinars are done in the comfort of your own office. Simply dial in and keep an eye on your computer while you're eating lunch (so you don't miss a polling question) and you can earn an hour of CPE without leaving your chair. 

They allow you to ask questions in real time. 

If you have any questions during a webinar, you can write in your question for the instructor to answer during a Q&A session at the end. If something isn't clear, or maybe you have a question about how something will affect your type of business, you can get an answer quickly. 

Here at Illumeo, we offer at least one free webinar a week. Visit https://illumeo.com/free-cpe-webinars to see what webinars are available for you to register for right now.