4 Reasons

to Invest in a Learning Management System

4 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Management SystemChances are, every single one of your employees has access to some sort of digital device. It might be a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet - the type doesn't matter. The important thing is that using digital devices is an important part of nearly every employee's experience at their jobs these days. It only makes sense to offer learning options on that platform as well. A study by Towards Maturity found that 57% of the employees prefer accessing learning modules on the go, and that number will likely only increase each year.

That's why it's time to invest in a learning management system for your company - if you haven't already. 

Flexibility & Engagement

A learning management system offers your employees the option of learning whenever and wherever they want. They can watch modules from their smart phone or tablet during their commute (assuming they aren't the one driving!) or take quizzes from their desktop in the office. And, maybe more importantly, they're more likely to stay engaged during the modules if they're watching from their mobile device. Why? Because the device could provide many distraction for them. But if they're watching on it, they're less likely to be browsing something else (like social media) at the same time. 

On-Demand Learning

Let's say your employees do watch the modules they've been assigned, but they weren't quite paying attention like they should With on-demand learning with an LMS, they can go back and rewatch it as needed. Or maybe there is something they haven't had a chance to go through yet, but now they have a meeting booked for this afternoon and they need to brush up ASAP. The right LMS will allow them to have on-demand access as needed. 

Tracking & Analysis

You'll never know how your employees are doing with their learning goals if you aren't able to track or analyze their status and results. Being able to see exactly how employees are doing in their learning plans, or how they've performed on quizzes, can be enormously beneficial to their supervisors. Plus, how will you understand the success (or lack thereof) of the program without it? 

Higher ROI

Choosing to implement an LMS instead of creating your own system or relying on traditional methods often results in a higher ROI. Because of the first point above (flexibility & engagement), employees are able to actively learn whenever, wherever - making them more productive during working hours. Allowing employees to learn on-demand as needed means they are more prepared for situations as they arise. And the ability to track how employees are doing help you know what areas you need to focus more attention on, and how the LMS is performing. 

There are many options out there to choose from when selecting an LMS. There are ready-to-use options or ones that can be customized. If you're considering customizing an LMS, join us in an upcoming webinar on What to Expect When Commissioning a Custom LMS