The Lighter

Side of Excel - Who Knew?

The Lighter Side of Excel - Who Knew? At this time of year many folks are starting to wind up or wind down. Winding up comes from those with 12/31 fiscal year-ends who are preparing to close the year, do annual reporting, and get that annual plan in place before the new year actually starts. Just kidding, no one gets that done on time. 

However, for those winding down, it's time to relax and enjoy what has hopefully been a great year. It's also time to surf the web for fun and interesting stories. To that end, we thought we'd bring a little mirth and education to you life with the lighter side of the one work tool that everyone seems to use and, albeit begrudgingly at times, love - Excel. So here are a few fun and cool things you may not already know about Excel.

Excel art is a thing, believe it or not. In this short video you will see that there's some real art being created with Excel. Who knew?

Puzzles and flight simulators are just a few of the things you'll find here. And I can finally get some help on my Sudoku!

This link shows some cool and useful Excel which you may even learn a thing or two from that will impact your Excel work.

Okay, that's a lot of Excel to look at and get lost in. Don't forget that Illumeo is a great resource for learning about Excel with dozens of courses from top instructors and even an Excel certification for those who want to become experts. Enjoy!