Why Your Corporate LMS Doesn’t Work for Your Finance and Accounting Organizations

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The companies "core" LMS is a great place for centralized training and reporting resources, but it has pretty much failed to provide the training needed by the specialist employees in corporate accounting and finance - and they are all specialists. We call this group, "The Office of the CFO", and it covers every employee in every organization that reports in to the CFO, from bottom to top. That's a big percentage of the overall company employee population, and it represents many highly paid professionals doing critical jobs.

These specialists need special training. They are all highly trained prior to coming to your company - that's why you hired them - but keeping them trained and current typically requires they go far outside of the company's LMS in order to find the specialized training they need. This is very inconvenient, "invisible" to the company, and very expensive. This whitepaper covers a new generation of LMS that is focused entirely on this group of hard-to-serve professionals, extending and expanding your LMS to give you full coverage of the Office of the CFO, all for far less than you are paying to train them today.

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