Seven Indispensable Skills for the Modern Manager

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What does being a “manager” even mean today? Lots of people with manager titles manage projects and stuff, not people. Some are supervisor, coach, partner, peer, leader – heck, the term “manager” has found and lost more meanings than most words in today’s business lexicon.

Traditionally, a “manager” has been a leader of people in a business trying to get work done, done well, and for the clear benefit of stakeholders. Despite all the ins and outs of the term, I think that still stands. Added to traditional management skills are relatively recent additions of technology and speed - both confounding challenges in the modern age of the corporation.

Successful managers need certain skills, whether innate or learned, that help them achieve for their team, their company and, critically, for themselves. So, without further ado, and after much soul-searching and researching, a list of seven absolutely key skills for today’s manager.

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