Five Best Practices for Developing Experts on Your Team

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Leaders across all functions are increasingly expressing concern about widening skill gaps. The competencies required of today's corporate professionals are vast and varied - and they are constantly changing with advancements in technology, business models, regulations, and best practices. While many organizations have strong training programs for management & leadership, they don't have similarly strong programs to provide personalized and targeted targeted functional training across the Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing departments.

When employees lack the skills necessary to perform the tasks at hand they need immediate access to tactical functional training to get their jobs done today. But they also need access to strategic training and career path guidance, to prepare them to face new challenges in the future.

This white paper discusses 5 best practices for measuring individuals and their skill sets, comparing results against industry-benchmarks by job title, and developing personalized learning plans that address both tactical and strategic learning requirements. It also makes the case for motivating learning and development through incentive programs, driving engagement through manager-employee collaboration, increasing relevance with in-house-created content supplemented by 3rd party best practices courses, improving training effectiveness through blended learning.

Following these best practices can create a highly skilled, highly engaged workforce of experts who are happy and successful in their roles and produce unprecedented results.

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