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Contacts Count LLC

Whether you want to use networking tools to win new business or know the skills will help you collaborate for innovation and strategy execution, we'd look forward to sharing our state-of-the-art tools for building your business networks.  I'm the CEO and co-founder of Contacts Count LLC. 

We are one of the few training firms that specializes in helping professionals put the tools of networking to work in the service of business and career goals.  For 25 years our clients have ranged from CPA and law firms to Universities, from banks and plastic surgeons to IT professionals, from introverts to extroverts, from Fortune 100 companies to much smaller firms.  

We are the co-authors of 8 books on how to connect, converse, and collaborate.  The most recent is Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World (Harper Collins Leadership).  We are the creators of The Networking Competency Assessment, an online, 40-item test that measures skill in making business connections.  We have 7 Certified Trainers around the US, 2 in Australia and one in India.  .   www.ContactsCount.com