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D & H Credit Services Inc.

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Hal Schaeffer CCE, CEW, is a nationally recognized bankruptcy preference expert. He prepares analytical reports that have been used to provide expert witness testimony in over 700 preference actions over the last ten years. When Hal attends mediation settlement talks with the attorney of record (as he usually does), the average settlement payment has averaged less than 7 cents on the dollar, with many defendant clients paying nothing. His rates for this type of work are the lowest in the country.

Hal is the president and founder of D & H Credit Services, Inc. a boutique consultancy that provides credit and cash flow advisory and educational services in addition to providing Expert Reports for clients hit with preference claims. He is the author of several credit and cash flow books and has spoken at a variety of venues both domestically and internationally including NACM’s Credit Congress, the CRF’s Forums, AMA’s Credit Seminars, NACM’s Graduate School of Credit at Dartmouth College and the New York State Bar Association.