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I lead a nationally recognized practice specializing in the valuation of equity compensation and share based payments for private and public companies.

My services help CFOs, directors of financial reporting, management, accountants, shareholders, attorneys, boards, and investors comply with the unique valuation requirements of equity compensation plans for financial reporting, tax, and transactions. I also provide valuation of complex securities, intangible assets, and shareholder interests for transactions and litigation.

My expertise provides solutions for financial reporting and tax requirements under IRC 409A (deferred compensation), ASC 718 (share based payments), ASC 820 (fair value), ASC 805 (business combinations), IRC 59-60 (tax), and Rev Procs. 93-27, 2001-43 (profits interests).

I offer a flexible range of services that lets clients choose from a variety of cost effective alternatives. These  can range from consulting, to research and benchmarking, or an independent review, valuation, fairness opinion, or expert testimony. 

Clients rely on my knowledge and 15+ years of experience to deal with the many issues and challenges in valuation and reporting for equity compensation plans. The benefits I provide include having the right answers, understanding regulations and requirements, and using the correct methods.

I help make the valuation process go smoothly by knowing all the guidelines, following best practices, and avoiding problems. My clients receive a professional analysis and report, and have the on-going support needed to comply with any documentation, inquiry, audit, or disclosures from start to finish and down the road. And through our firm, clients benefit from easy access to a full range of expert support on any equity compensation related issue in accounting, tax, or administration.

Additional Information

I’m well versed in all professionally recognized valuation approaches including discounted cash flow (DCF), capitalized earnings, guideline public company (GPC), market transactions, leveraged buyout (LBO), and asset methods.  In equity compensation and complex securities, my expertise includes Black Scholes, binomial (lattice), OPM Backsolve, Monte Carlo Simulation, Probability Weighted Expected Return (PWERM), and option based techniques.   

I regularly publish articles, speak at professional conferences, host webinars, and provide training on a variety of subjects relating to valuation and equity compensation plans. My clients stay up to date on current trends and developments through my membership and participation in leading industry associations involved in equity compensation such as the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP), National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

My accreditation through the ASA assures clients have a valuation from a professional with credentials that meet all requirements of the AICPA, IRS, SEC, state and federal courts. As a fully Accredited Senior Member in Business Valuation of the ASA, I have satisfied requirements for over 10,000 hours of full time professional business valuation experience, completed four comprehensive 4 day courses/exams, peer review, a 15 hour course/exam on the National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), an Ethics exam, and significant on-going professional continuing education requirements.  

In addition to my experience in valuation, clients benefit from my hands-on understanding of actual transactions through my background in corporate finance, investment banking, M&A, and buyouts.

My educational credentials includes an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a B.A. in Economics, also from Northwestern University.  I have advanced training in accounting, corporate finance, capital markets transactions, and have taught business valuation and corporate finance at the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies.

You can find additional information or contact me through my LinkedIn Profile,  www.linkedin.com/in/davidhowell109, which also provides a number of articles and information on valuation of equity compensation.