Illumeo named, “Best Overall” CPE solution for CPAs by the review site CPE Compare

San Jose, CA — (PRWEB)— Illumeo is very proud to announce that is has been named, “Best Overall” CPE solution for CPAs by the review site CPE Compare (

The editorial staff at CPE Compare made note of a number of unique strengths of Illumeo which, when added together, make Illumeo such a standout solution. They said, “Illumeo’s platform offers an incredible variety of on-demand courses, a good number of live webinars, and an easy-to-use platform”. Among the noted strengths were:

  • The largest library of on-demand CPE courses - well over 1,000
  • The most professional designations covered - over two dozen types
  • User ratings and reviews help users choose the best courses
  • Powerful and easy-to-use platform
  • Full-featured CPE Compliance Monitor™
  • Insightful Competency Assessment and Development Plans

“We’re honored to be awarded the “Best Overall” CPE Solution by CPE Compare’s professionals,” said John Kogan, Founder and CEO of Illumeo. “CPE Compare does thorough reviews of the major CPE providers, and to stand above that prestigious group of solutions is a testament to the effort that everyone at Illumeo, including our entire internal team and our more than 250 fabulous instructors, have brought to this platform.”

Illumeo was built based on intensive user feedback and interaction, which continues to this day. This told us what CPAs and other certified finance, accounting, and related professionals truly needed in a CPE solution. Then we went about building it. Illumeo’s solution now powers CPAs and other critical professionals working for themselves as well as at many of the world’s largest and most successful audit firms and corporations.

The review went on to note, “Illumeo’s user experience is one of the best on the market. Once you log in, you can easily find courses and webinars, access your development plan, assessments, compliance monitor summary, completed activity, CPE certificates, certificate programs, or other offerings. Illumeo [is] so easy to use. All of the platform’s capability is available for smart phones, tablets and any kind of PC or Mac. It’s truly universal.” This was all by design and based on user input which we turned into the Illumeo solution.

One thing we’re most proud of is not only the fact that we are the highest rated platform they have ever reviewed, but also that we are one of the most affordable. In fact, Illumeo’s highest overall rating combined with almost the lowest cost of all CPE platforms they have reviewed, really sets us apart.

Whether for individual learners or for the firms and corporations that employ these professionals, Illumeo is leading the way with rapidly advancing technology and trusted, expert-built courses that make learners better at what they do while it simultaneously keeps them up to date on their CPE. Learn more at


Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo, the LMS for CPE®, is a specialized learning platform for professionals in Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Finance and the companies that employ them. The cloud-based Illumeo learning platform provides over 1,000 on-demand courses, live webinars, thousands of continuing education credit hours, a complete Compliance Monitor™ solution with advanced assessment and development plan tools, and is used at companies of all sizes, including many of the largest and most successful service organizations and corporations in the world.