Illumeo launches Professional Bookkeeping Certification

San Jose, CA — (PRWEB)— Illumeo is very proud to announce the availability of its online, on-demand Professional Bookkeeping Certification (

Bookkeeping is an in-demand job, and a perfect career choice for many. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 1.7 million people are in bookkeeping and directly related jobs today and the pay is highly competitive. Furthermore, bookkeeping is one of those highly sought-after jobs that you can do from almost anywhere. Many bookkeepers work remotely and flexibly as contractors and consultants, leading the trend for ‘distance work’. However, breaking in to the bookkeeping field is a challenge as the job requires learning quite a lot of new terms and processes.

Illumeo is happy to announce that we have partnered with a top national accounting instructor, Lynn Fountain, to provide a world-class Professional Bookkeeping Certification program. Lynn is a CPA with extensive experience at both small companies and large global enterprises where she has twice been Chief Audit Executive. Lynn is not only a technical accounting and bookkeeping expert, she is highly accomplished as a speaker and instructor. Lynn has crafted a wonderful series of courses which, when taken together as a program, provide a thorough knowledge base for existing and aspiring bookkeepers alike.

“We’re happy to offer the Professional Bookkeeping Certification program on Illumeo.” said John Kogan, Illumeo’s Founder and Chairman. “Lynn Fountain is our top instructor for a good reason: she has a way of taking complex topics and making them simple and approachable for all. This program will be a great entry point for those looking to become bookkeepers and to those who already are but desire greater proficiency.”

According to the instructor, Lynn Fountain, “The profession of bookkeeping has long been a valued area for support of the finance and accounting function. It is critical that bookkeepers have a strong understanding of not just the tactical elements of their job, but the analytical elements as well. This ensures their continued value to the organizations they support. This bookkeeping program was designed to help the bookkeeper understand critical terminology, the procedural elements and the ‘analytical value-add’ of their job.”

The Professional Bookkeeping Certification program consists of twelve (12) video-based ‘core’ courses, each with its own quiz and final test. These can be taken on-demand, at a place and time of the learner’s choosing. The program also includes a case study that pulls many of the key concepts together with a real-world example, clearly demonstrating many accounting entries and providing a ‘hands-on’ experience. In addition, the program comes with a bonus ‘resource’ course that includes two dozen highly practical bookkeeping tools which many program-takers will find useful in a variety of bookkeeping roles.

As one recent bookkeeping program course-taker said, “Excellent instructor and a great course for beginning accountants and bookkeepers. This course should be an overview for ALL bookkeepers!”

The courses are available online and can be taken on any computer, tablet or phone with a browser and web connection, so they are easily and almost universally available. Once purchased, the entire program is permanently available to the buyer so they can use the instruction and tools as a reference any time they need. Further, purchase of the program includes free access to the entire Illumeo subscription course library for one full year, providing an incredibly rich and deep resource for accounting, finance, and many other skills of great value to bookkeepers.

Whether you are interested in becoming a bookkeeper or are already providing bookkeeping services but want to get better and learn from one of the top U.S.-based accounting instructors, check out Illumeo’s new Professional Bookkeeping Certification program at


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Lynn is widely considered an expert in the fields of accounting and risk management. Her expertise has been recognized through her ability to provide individualized training as well as assist global organizations in establishing expertise for their employees.