Illumeo Hits 1,000 Courses

Press Release

San Jose, CA — (PRWEB)— Illumeo Announces passing 1,000 on-demand courses.

Illumeo announces that it has hit and surpassed the 1,000 online, on-demand course mark. With the help of its more than 200 ‘practitioner instructors’, Illumeo has built a top-quality course creation ‘engine’ that has recorded over 8,000 instructional video segments, produced over 1,000 full courses, and reliably launches dozens of new courses each month.

The 1,000 course milestone gives Illumeo the largest on-demand, video-based course library serving Audit, Accounting, Corporate Finance and related professionals. Illumeo also provides over two dozen varieties of continuing professional education (CPE) credit across its course library, helping it serve its constituent’s compliance needs. When added to Illumeo’s CPE tracking, competency assessment and enterprise-class user management and reporting, the massive course library gives Illumeo the most complete professional development solution available for Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Finance and related professionals.

“Illumeo serves professionals in Audit, Accounting, Corporate Finance and related areas with professional development and continuing education (CPE) credits, and to have a meaningful impact we have to have the content they need,” said John Kogan, Founder and CEO of Illumeo. “Although 1,000 courses seemed unattainable when we started Illumeo in 2016, we’re just hitting our stride and can’t wait to get to 2,000 courses.”

Illumeo’s core user base of Audit, Accounting, Corporate Finance and related professionals are already highly trained and experienced. Their learning needs, therefore, are incredibly complex and varied. Creating content for them is an honor and a challenge. To meet that challenge Illumeo has gathered over 200 ‘practitioner-instructors’ and given them the tools and assistance they need to turn their expertise into readily available knowledge.

Illumeo’s instructors are not professors, they are practitioners. A core requirement of Illumeo is that their instructors have lengthy, real-world experience in their area of instruction, and Illumeo’s instructors have over 25 years’ experience in industry, on average. Combining that knowledge with Illumeo’s course-creation tools makes for not only a lot of courses, but high quality, genuinely useful education for working professionals.

Notably, Illumeo is the also the only leading solution in its space to encourage user reviews of its courses. “We are very proud of the fact that our courses have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars with over 50,000 ratings to date,” added Kogan. “Most learning solutions for Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Finance and Human Resources provide no user ratings and that’s not because it’s complex to do, it’s because they are afraid of the result.”

We’re not only not afraid of our ratings, we relish them – good and bad. The good ratings tells us when things are great and encourage us to do more. The bad ratings tell us we have work to do, and we get that feedback straight to our quality team and to the instructors so they can act on it. 1,000 courses wouldn’t mean much if they weren’t great courses.


Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo is a specialized learning platform for professionals in Audit, Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Human Resources. The cloud-based Illumeo learning platform provides over 1,000 on-demand courses, thousands of continuing education credit hours, and is used at companies of all sizes, including many of the largest and most successful service organizations and corporations in the world.