Illumeo Announces Results of the 'Illumeo 2018 Survey Of Professional Development for Audit, Accounting & Corporate Finance Employees'

SILICON VALLEY— (PRWEB)— Illumeo Announces Results of the ‘Illumeo 2018 Survey Of Professional Development for Audit, Accounting & Corporate Finance Employees’

The ‘executive summary’ results from this survey are that both ‘functional’ training and CPE (Continuing Professional Education credit) for the senior functional leaders and their team/organization members in audit, accounting and corporate finance are important across the board, and that the vast majority of companies are not doing a good job of providing this training to these organizations. This forces these critical employees and their leaders to waste time, effort and money on sourcing high quality functional training and CPE for themselves, usually one-employee-at-a-time, instead of relying on HR/L&D, which they would prefer.

This survey provides insight into the current state of company-provided professional development for employees in audit, accounting and corporate finance, with responses received from over 400 corporate leaders in these and directly related functional areas, primarily at companies over 2,000 employees in size.

The survey focused on core topics of a) importance of training for the respondents and their teams, b) importance of CPE for the respondents and their teams, c) Cost of training, and d) how their companies do in providing “useful” functional training and CPE.

To that end, the clear majority of responses, in order, were a) high importance of continued training, b) high importance of CPE to help certified professionals maintain their certifications, c) around $2,000 per employee per year spent on training and CPE, and d) companies are not doing well on providing either “useful” functional training or CPE to their employees.

“It’s a bit of an eye-opener to see that companies are spending a lot of money on training for their audit, accounting and finance employees yet are scoring so low when it comes to providing ‘useful, functional’ training and CPE to these folks,” said John Kogan, Founder and CEO of Illumeo. “It is our hope that we can help these functional organizations, along with their HR/L&D support, provide the hard-to-find learning and CPE they need in a corporate learning platform.”

The full survey is fascinating and a quick read. If you want to see the survey results directly, you can go to here to download it directly (no form filling required).



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