Preserving Institutional Knowledge

What happens when the company’s best, brightest, and most experienced employees, walk out the door?


Knowledge is an Asset

Every company, even if only informally, invests a significant amount of time and money to develop employees. But what happens when the company’s best, brightest, and most experienced employees walk out the door? The company loses the institutional knowledge, continuity, and history they take with them. Illumeo’s incredibly simple self-authoring tools and learning management system enable you to create a living and evolving body of useful information that is accessible to everyone in your organization.


Self-Authoring Tools

Once you have identified the key knowledge you don't want or can't afford to lose, your subject matter experts (SMEs) can use Illumeo’s self-authoring tools to quickly record internal training courses.

By following Illumeo’s proven course creation methodology, it’s easy to publish high quality courses with well-defined learning objectives, review questions, and final exams to assess the effectiveness of the learning activity.

And courses can be quickly and easily updated as your team acquires new knowledge that contributes to deeper understanding and greater efficiencies.

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Learning System

Illumeo’s Enterprise products support collaborative learning and development. As such, managers can recommend internal training courses to their teams or make them required assignments with specific due dates. They can also create custom curricula to assign the same courses to every new hire or every team member with a single click.

Illumeo’s Group Access feature allows managers to limit course access by team, department, or other criteria. Enterprise dashboards and detailed usage reports enable easy tracking of who has passed which courses and when.

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Five star

Course Ratings

Illumeo’s integrated Ratings and Reviews empower your learners to provide valuable instant feedback to your course creators simply and instantly.

So, if your team isn’t getting what they need from your internal training courses, you’ll be the first to know. And your SMEs will be able to improve their courses by incorporating user feedback over time.

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Link Internal Courses to Competency Assessments

With Illumeo’s advanced course tagging capability, you can link your internal training courses to our assessment engine. That way your courses will appear when the engine automatically generates development plan recommendations for your team.

Say goodbye to abandoned training courses!

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