GreatFit™ Talent Identification and Recruiting Platform

Stop relying on resumes - the least reliable measure of any hire. Now there's a much better, much faster way to vet talent.


You don't still use resumes, do you?

There is no worse way of looking at and evaluating a working professional than their resume. Resumes are completely non-standard, unspecific, and only focus on what the resume-writer wants you to know, not what you need to know.

Using the GreatFit™ Talent Identification and Recruiting Platform from Illumeo removes that uncertainty and quickly puts all applicants, whether internal or external candidates, on the same footing, providing only the information you need and care about, completely specific to your job opening.

Drops right in


Let's face it, any job posting is an invitation to untold hours of resume reading before you even meet your first candidate. That doesn't scale, and it makes each job filling event unique and uniquely difficult.

Illumeo's GreatFit™ Talent Identification and Recruiting Platform solves this by creating easily-established, competency-based assessment for any candidate to take in minutes. That puts everyone through the same process with the same measurements.

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Use with lots of employees


The GreatFit™ Talent Identification and Recruiting Platform provide a platform that rapidly assesses any candidate along as many measurement avenues as you would like. Since they all take the same quick, online assessment, everyone is asked the same questions that cover precisely what the hiring manager and recruiter want to cover.

Replicate infinitely, instantly, for any defined job listing. Now, a new job posting doesn't mean hours and hours of resume vetting before you get to valuable individual vetting. This dramatically increases recruiting throughput as well as accuracy.

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Dial up the competency


Every applicant is scored, with full visibility to the scoring algorithm and each person's inputs relative to the job's benchmark. You can separate the good candidates from the rest, and focus on their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Never before have recruiters had this kind of efficiency and scalability, and never have hiring managers had this much useful insight!

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New job for BestFit™

For Internal or External Hiring

Powered by Illumeo's class-leading, online, rapid assessment platform, GreatFit™ is ready to go any day and time for internal job postings that are open only to internal candidates. Just fire it up, pull data from existing employee assessments, and start vetting and scoring, instantly.

Or, open up an external req in your usual recruiting platform and have all applicants run through a rapid online assessment as part of their sourcing process. You can instantly compare hundreds of candidates using solid, competency-based assessments. Don't waste your time with resumes until after initial assessment-based vetting.

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