Employee Assessments

From processes to people, continuous improvement follows the same four steps. Assess. Plan. Learn. Do.


You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure

Why do most improvement initiatives fail? Because no one properly assesses the problem at the start; or there is no way to clearly measure impact at the end. Or both. It’s that simple. Illumeo’s Employee Assessment engine provides a quick, simple, versatile solution to assess employee learning needs and evaluate all manner of employee related issues.

Assess, Plan, Learn, Do

Full Cycle Professional Development

Illumeo competency assessments and benchmark comparisons quickly identify critical knowledge gaps. They also establish baseline ratings against which individuals and managers can measure progress over time.

Individuals then create personalized development plans, adding recommended courses from Illumeo’s extensive library and internally-built courses designed to build deep functional knowledge. With regular assessments, individuals and their managers track progress and make course corrections as needed.

Managed Assessments, a feature of Illumeo’s Enterprise platforms, allow supervisors, colleagues, and business partners to contribute their perspectives and insights to employee assessments. Objective feedback and clear goals engender greater levels of trust, engagement, and success.

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Product Knowledge, loading...

Sales Enablement

Every salesperson can use more training: product knowledge, account management, sales technique. The difficulty is in knowing who needs what so you can build targeted development plans that deliver personalized training when and where it’s needed.

With Illumeo’s assessment engine you can quickly create custom assessments, covering the topics that are most important to your sales organization. You can even tie assessment ratings to your internal benchmarks and training courses to automatically generate development plan recommendations.

With a regular assessment process in place, it’s easy to build the right content and personalized development plans for each salesperson, enabling them to achieve superior results.

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I heart my job

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are committed, motivated, and enthusiastic about their work. They actively promote the interests of the company and contribute to improved performance, productivity, and well-being.

With Illumeo engagement assessments you can continuously pulse your team to uncover the drivers of engagement in your department or across the entire organization. Illumeo exceptionally easy to deploy and manage. Simply assess your employees’ attitudes, needs, and concerns. Then analyze and act on their feedback.

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