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The basis of forensic accounting is to obtain, collect and analyze data in a manner acceptable in a court of law.

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Why obtain the Forensic Accountant Certification?

Forensic accounting is a subset of business accounting. It involves the examination of business records to understand and support the validity of the financial statements. The purpose of forensic accounting is to determine the validity of financial statements and the accuracy of accounting entries. Forensic accounting is used to investigate situations during the financial statement preparation and reporting process, such as financial fraud.

Forensic accounting is a strategic approach where financial data and non-financial information are gathered, monitored, studied and analyzed for fraud prevention. While the standard accountant focuses on balancing books and maintaining records, the forensic accountant intensively investigates financial activity for evidence of misconduct.

Forensic Accounting provides several benefits to an organization:
• Enhanced efficiency
• Minimizes losses
• Reduces exploitation risk
• Helps avoid legal issues

The basis of forensic accounting is to obtain, collect and analyze data in a manner acceptable in a court of law.
This certification will outline various aspects of forensic accounting that a professional should be aware of. Expertise in each of these areas comes with further education and experience.

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Consultant, Author, Trainer, and past Chief Audit Executive

Lynn Fountain is widely considered an expert in the field of Sarbanes-Oxley and has led initiatives in compliance efforts. In addition, her expertise in the field has been recognized through her ability to provide individualized training on the legislation and compliance requirements as well as assist organizations in establishing the proper control framework for compliance. Course participants have been quoted as saying: “Ms. Fountain should instruct a PhD in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance.” Ms. Fountain’s ability to break-down the various aspects of the legislation and communicate its importance in relevant terms is the key to the success of her courses.

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