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Whether you’re conducting pre-deal due diligence, verifying assets, investigating possible fraud, or checking out your expert witnesses, online public records contain a treasure trove of information about businesses and individuals. However, searching for assets, liabilities, corporation filings, court documents, and other online public records can be challenging, even for experienced researchers and investigators.

This in-depth course covers the what and how of online public records searching, including what public records are and what they are not, what is and isn’t available online, myths and challenges, sources, and strategies for effective searching. Learn how to save time, know what information you can trust, and when you need to go offline to find what you need.


Course Key Concept: Public records, Investigative research, Online research, Background investigations, Due diligence, Asset investigations, Court records, Lien searches, Property records, Corporation filings.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the definition of public records and the different types available online.
  • Recognize the myths and challenges of searching online public records.
  • Identify the types of sources that offer access to online public records and what sources to avoid.
  • Discover tips and strategies for effective searching and retrieval of online public records.
Last updated/reviewed: June 26, 2021

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Well done! For a one-hour course it was very thorough and complete. It was also well organized. The presenter is extremely knowlegable on this topic. I enjoyed this course and learned from it, even though I do public records searches for work. Thank you!
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Well organized and presented. Marcy did a great job of organizing the information into manageable segments. The links and resources provided are useful takeaways.
Anonymous Author
The course covered the stated learning objectives. The presenter was a little dry but you can't expect too much from a recorded presentation like this.
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I appreciated the level of detail that was provided, and "insider" tips. I did find myself wishing the picture of the speaker was a little bit larger.
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A great resource and overview for those who are just starting research in Public Records. Includes subject overview and cautionary advice.
Anonymous Author
Good information and presentation but a little slow-moving. Would have liked to work through a couple more examples.
Anonymous Author
Courses very good introduction to considerations concerning searching online for public records.
Anonymous Author
Excellent course. The links and tips provided will be very useful in searching online.
Anonymous Author
Great course. I learned a lot about records searching I was not aware of.
Anonymous Author
Interesting subject with lots of ways to assist in doing your research.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  1:26Introduction to How to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro
  4:42Public Records: Definitions and Types
  11:45Myths / Challenges
  14:10Types of Sources / Sources to Avoid
  11:53Search Strategy / Tips
  8:28Online Public Records: Search
  11:03Court Records
  2:34Online Public Records: Summary
  1:05:59How to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro
  PDFSlides: How to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro
  PDFHandout: How to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro - Resources Links
  PDFHow to Search Online Public Records Like a Pro Glossary/ Index