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Segment One and Two of this series covered important aspects internal auditors should be aware of in relation to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Attribute Standards and the elements of the Performance Standards that related to managing the internal audit function and the nature of work for internal audit.  The final elements of the Performance Standards provide internal auditors with a relevant framework to properly execute engagements.  It is critical internal auditors have an understanding of the various aspects of the audit and the framework outlined by the IIA.

Although the Standards do provide specific templates on the elements that should be evaluated in each stage of the audit, they provide critical guidance on requirements internal auditors should consider during the various phases.  Understanding and following this guidance will ensure audit engagements are executed consistently and effectively.  This segment is designed to delve deeper into the Performance Standards as they relate to conducting internal audit projects. This includes:

  • Engagement Planning 
  • Performing the Engagement 
  • Communicating Results
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Communicating the Acceptance of risks

Learning Objectives

  • Explore elements of planning the audit engagement.
  • Identify methods for appropriately executing the audit engagement.
  • Identify methods of communicating results to management and the board.
  • Discover the requirements for monitoring audit issues.
  • Recognize methods for communicating the acceptance of risk.
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This course is included in the following Expert Certifications:

17 CoursesInternal Controls Certification

  1. Internal Controls: What Every Financial and Accounting Professional Needs to Know
  2. COSO 2013 Framework Requirements and Implementation Overview
  3. Applying the Standards for Internal Auditors in Line with Your Organization's Needs - Part One
  4. Applying the Standards for Internal Auditors in Line with Your Organization's Needs - Part Two: Managing Internal Audit and Nature of Work
  5. Applying the Standards for Internal Auditors in Line with Your Organization's Needs – Part Three: Executing the Audit Engagement
  6. Identifying and Implementing the Proper Balance of Internal Controls
  7. Proper Documentation Methods for Internal Audit and Internal Controls Processes
  8. Information Technology (IT) Risks in Emerging Business Environments
  9. Foundations for a Strong Internal Audit Department
  10. Keys to Managing an Effective Internal Audit Function
  11. Internal Audit: Keys to Building Effective Relationships with the Audit Committee
  12. Understanding Risk-Based Auditing
  13. Risk Based Auditing – Establishing a Methodology
  14. Risk Based Auditing – Applying the Methodology
  15. Segregation of Duties for Core Business Processes
  16. Keys To Maintaining Objectivity and Professional Skepticism
  17. When The Whistle Blows Part 2: Managing Whistleblower Hotlines

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Anonymous Author
Спасибо за курс с подробными объяснениями. Очень полезный материал
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Course provides detailed information on how to apply the IIA Standard requirements during the planning, execution and reporting of the audit projects.
Anonymous Author
Another well-presented course on this topic, filled with insight based on actual work experience.
Anonymous Author
Very informative in clarifying the IAA standards applicable to executing IA engagements.
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Liked viewing the instructor delivering the presentation.
Anonymous Author
Very useful, and practical information!
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Another very thorough course.
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Very informative course
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Great Presentation


Course Complexity: Advanced

Completion of the following two courses: The Institute of Internal Auditor Standards Part One and Part Two

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Course Syllabus
  5:19Introduction to Applying the llA Standards to Meet Your Organization's Needs Part 3
Executing the audit engagement
  14:10Engagement Planning
  5:24Engagement Objectives
  8:38Objective Considerations and Wording
  1:58Example Objective Statements
  7:34Engagement Scope
  10:53Engagement Resources and Work Program
  9:32Performing the Engagement
  6:20Work Papers
Communicating and Reporting
  7:02Communicating Results
  8:31Communication Interpretations
  4:16Exit Conference
  7:30Report Types
  1:39:27Applying the Standards for Internal Auditors in line with your organization's needs – Part Three
  PDFSlides: Applying the Standards for Internal Auditors in line with your organization's needs – Part Three
  PDFApplying the Standards for Internal Auditors in line with your organizations need's – Part Three Glossary/Index