Simple Yet Powerful Course Authoring

Use simple tools and processes to get courses online quickly and make the most of your institutional knowledge.


Capture Institutional Knowledge

Every organization has its own unique ways of doing business. From processes to technology, you need everyone on the team - and new team members - knowing how to get things done your way. By capturing the knowledge and experience of your star team members and turning them into easily-consumed courses, you insulate yourself from disastrous employee loss while saving your SMEs untold hours of repetitive training.


So Simple, Everyone Can Do It

Very few professionals have time to build training courses; so it’s vital that the process is quick and easy, or they just won’t do it.

The Illumeo 'instant training capture' solution is so simple, literally anyone can do it. As soon as the tool is launched, it begins recording the user’s voice and whatever is on-screen. Once completed, simply send the final file to us and we do all editing and post it for your exclusive use. Voila! Instant training.

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Production Support

We know you are too busy to become a full-time video editor. Which is why we offer production support for all your courses: creating short, easily-consumed lessons that will increase adoption and completion by your team.

And of course if you’d prefer to do it yourself, you’re welcome to do so - just send us your lessons and we’ll do the rest. We can have hundreds of courses up and ready in no time.

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CPE For Your Courses

If you are providing courses to colleagues who have professional certifications, such as CPAs and certified HR professionals, we can help you to obtain CPE certification for your in-house courses.

We are certified to provide over two dozen types of CPE/PDC/etc. We ensure that your course is properly prepared and our professionals work directly with the accrediting institution to gain certification on your behalf.

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Access Groups

Access Groups

When you build your own courses you want to control who sees them. Access Groups allow for course- and curriculum-level access control.

You control precisely who sees any internally-built courses, be they employees, teams, organizations, or even outside parties of your choosing, such as vendors and partners. Give and take away any access any time.

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