Could Becoming

a Certified SOX Expert Change your Life?

Could Becoming a Certified SOX Expert Change your Life? When Sarbanes-Oxley became effective, there was concern over how it would affect the economy. There was concern in particular that the enactment of SOX would cause fewer companies to go public. Over a decade later that concern has drastically lessened as IPOs continue to generate billions of dollars. In fact, more than 1,200 IPOs generated $195.5B in 2015 alone.

That’s a lot of new public companies that need SOX experts to help them get SOX compliant. Which is why there is such high demand for SOX skills. A quick search on reveals over 1,000 job openings for SOX related positions, and that number has stayed consistent for many years. That’s why becoming a certified SOX expert offers so many benefits.

Certified SOX experts are paid more.

Because of their high demand, SOX experts are able to ask for – and receive – higher salaries than their non-expert counterparts.  While the actual amount varies based on your position, you stand to earn more each year thanks to your certification. Whether you’re after a promotion or looking to move to a new company, SOX certification will help you with your qualifications and in your negotiations.

Certified SOX experts are promoted faster.

Earning your SOX certification helps you get promoted faster for several reasons: It shows you were willing to go above and beyond to learn more about SOX and become a better employee, it demonstrates your willingness to invest in yourself and the company, and the knowledge you learn will help you as you progress up the ranks. You will know what is required for SOX compliance in top positions, and that offers your managers additional assurance that you are ready.

Certified SOX experts find new jobs quickly.

Thanks to the high demand for SOX experts, becoming certified will make it easier than ever to find a new job with the right company. SOX certification on your resume is a beacon to potential employers. It shows that you weren’t just trained in-house, but rather that a third party was involved and you had to go through extensive, focused training and pass exams. If a potential hiring manager had to choose between you and an uncertified candidate, all else being equal, it’s far more likely that they will choose you.

Even if you choose to work for a private company, your experience with SOX is invaluable. Many private companies, especially large ones, have begun to voluntarily comply with SOX and may have long-term designs on going public. Your knowledge will help them with their processes and readiness now and in the future.

So, will becoming a certified SOX expert change your life? Maybe. But it can definitely change your career.

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