No Response

to the Resumes You’ve Sent? Here Is What You Can Do...

No Response to the Resumes You’ve Sent? Here Is What You Can Do...

Ask yourself two questions:

Question 1:  Am I targeting the right job?

To answer this question, you need to determine if the following equation is true:

What I Have = What They Need

Here is how to fill in the equation.

What I Have

List your accomplishments that you are proud of and that you enjoyed.  They need not be career-related.  Select seven and identify the skills you used in achieving each accomplishment.  Identify your passions too:  what motivated you and what you enjoyed about each accomplishment.

What They Need

In the job description what are the required skills and the optional skills?  Which of these skills are the most relevant?  Based on your knowledge of the field and the position, what additional skills would enable you to do the job properly and extremely well?  If you show how with your unique skills you can exceed their expectations, then you will have differentiated yourself as an exemplary candidate.

If “What I Have” matches “What They Need” then you are targeting the right job.  Move on to the next question.

Question 2:  Does my resume really portray my value?

To determine whether your resume accurately portrays your skills, experience and the value you offer to prospective employers, show it to a few people.  Don’t provide any additional information; let the resume speak for itself.  Ask them what they see.  What does this resume portray?  Show it to people who know you, to people who know the industry and the position, and to people who are experienced in reading resumes.

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Moshe Kravitz - Director of FP&A, IDT Telecom & Certified Career Coach