Imagine a

World Without LMSs

Imagine a World Without LMSsLearning Management Systems, (LMSs) are a great way to collect and organize professional development activities across your company. Let's face it, there are so many people needing such a wide variety of training that doing it all by hand, without a centralized system, would be nigh upon impossible. It would surely be both more expensive and less effective to have everyone doing their own thing, out of sight of their managers and L&D/HR support. Can we agree on that?

Good, because this is just what most companies, including most of the Fortune 500, does to their finance and accounting organizations. They have very specific needs around knowledge gap identification, specialized, highly technical content, and continuing education credit, yet most 'core' corporate LMSs have none of that for them. Therefore, they are left to fend for themselves.

The result is higher cost training that's less visible to their managers and is less attuned to the needs of their jobs. We predicted that just two paragraphs ago and on a corporate-wide scale it's obvious. It's no less obvious on a function-wide scale, as for finance and accounting, especially when you're in those functions. 

The challenge here traditionally is that there has been no system that provides integrated assessment with on-demand content specifically for the entire CFO organization, with all of the CPE your organization could possibly need. Until now.

Illumeo is the only LMS built from the ground up to support mid- and large-sized company finance and accounting (and all related functional teams) with the assessment, content, and CPE they need, along with purpose-built user controls and reporting, and direct connection into the most popular 'core' LMS platforms to enable simple and quick integration with your global learning systems. This is the platform that turns professional development for finance and accounting from the black hole it's always been to the highly integrated, effective and controlled system you expect from all of your core LMS users. And, of course, all for less money - because it's centrally controlled and visible.

Illumeo finally provides the answer for professional development across the "Office of the CFO", from bottom to top, and for managers and L&D/HR. That's why we are know as "The Strategic Learning Partner for Accounting and Corporate Finance Organizations", globally. Learn more here.