Five Reasons

Why Every Company Needs an ‘LMS for CPE’

Five Reasons Why Every Company Needs an ‘LMS for CPE’ Most mid- and large-sized companies have an LMS (Learning Management System). Of course they do – it’s a great way to centralize, control and provide high quality learning across the company at a low cost. LMSs are a deca-billion-dollar industry that’s booming as we speak.The problem is, these systems leave a large and critical group of employees off the corporate-provided training bus, requiring them to fend for themselves when it comes to training. Who is this? Certified professionals. People like CPAs, CMAs, SPHRs, and a multitude holding dozens of other certifications.

Why It Matters

As it happens, this is a very difficult group of people to train because none of the major LMSs provide CPE-qualifying courses nor a CPE-ready platform. Thus, this group of 15% of your finance, accounting and HR professionals at a typical company slip through the cracks. And does that ever cost you! 

There are five reasons in particular that every company needs an LMS for CPE. In very short order they are:

  1. Save money
  2. Gain visibility
  3. Direct and influence training for the better
  4. Save time
  5. Help more of your employees

What To Do

Naturally, you should get an LMS for CPE. It needs to be CPE compliant, covering all or the majority of certified professionals at your company not only with CPE, but with valuable, well-made learning materials that will make an impact for your company while simultaneously providing CPE and dramatically lowering the companys real cost of training.

We provide much deeper discussion and insight into each of these in our “Five Reasons” white paper. If your company has these certified professionals, you’re going to want to read it.

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