The Benefits

of Customized CPE Course Plans

The Benefits of Customized CPE Course PlansFor accountants and other financial professionals, continuing education plays a critical role in staying relevant in today’s business landscape. Not all continuing professional education (CPE) is of equal value to every person, however. For almost all professionals, choosing a personalized CPE plan, rather than simply using a generic one, will be the most effective and useful means of engaging in ongoing learning. When deciding if a customized CPE plan is right for you, consider the following four benefits which can offer many benefits that far outweigh any time or effort spent on personalization.

1. Customized CPE plans are personalized to your individual needs.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a personalized CPE plan is that it allows you to focus your learning on your individual educational needs. A customized CPE plan can take into account multiple factors including your preferred learning styles, skill levels, and subject interests. By creating a personalized learning experience you are more likely to be motivated to engage with and complete your chosen courses and to find immediate applications for your learning.

2. Personalized plans allow for greater flexibility.

A personalized CPE plan means you can choose the courses and webinars that are best for your schedule and preferences. No two professionals have the same needs when it comes to fitting continuing education courses into their busy schedules. Some people prefer to block off time to attend live events while others prefer working on self-guided content that can be completed at any time. When customizing your professional education you give yourself the freedom to choose from a variety of course styles including live webinars, virtual or in-person conferences, and self-paced online courses to create a plan that is the best fit for you.

3. A customized plan ensures content that is relevant to your current job.

An almost endless array of jobs and specialties exist within the finance and accounting professions, meaning the professional education content that would be most beneficial to each individual varies widely as well. A personalized CPE plan takes into account your current role and skill levels to provide ongoing education that is the most immediately relevant to your current job as well as your career path.

4. Personalized CPE plans support your long-term goals

Personalizing your continuing education plan can provide benefits far beyond your current job, however. Creating a customized CPE plan can also support your long-term success by targeting specialty knowledge, skills, and areas of competence that will help you meet your career goals. Completing CPE that is relevant to the professional path ahead of you can signal to both future employers and clients that you have both the drive and the knowledge and skills needed for success.

Though it might seem daunting to take the time and effort needed to create a personalized professional education plan, it is often much easier than you might think. Online CPE platforms, such as Illumeo, simplify the process of creating a customized CPE plan to help you reap the greatest benefits from your required professional education.