The Value

of Choosing CPE that Enhances Speaking and Presentation Skills

 The Value of Choosing CPE that Enhances Speaking and Presentation Skills Whether you are presenting to potential clients or communicating with your own team, speaking and presentation skills are essential components of business success. The ability to clearly communicate your message and connect with your audience can both elevate your business and enhance your career.

Although some people seem to possess a natural ability in this area, through training and practice it is possible for everyone to strengthen their skills and enhance their confidence in speaking and presenting, making it an ideal focus for continuing professional education.

As you plan your professional development, consider including courses that focus on a variety of communication skills that will address the various types of speaking and presentation scenarios that are typically encountered in a business setting.

1. Public speaking skills

Though not every person in business will find themselves regularly speaking to a large audience, public speaking is an important skill to continue to practice and hone throughout your career. Whether you are trying to share an important message in a team meeting, communicate with a potential client, pitch a new idea to your company, or clearly present an idea to an outside audience, it’s likely that you will find yourself speaking to others in a business setting with some regularity.

Feeling nervous about speaking in front of others is perfectly normal, but there are ways to harness that nervous energy and turn it into effective and energetic communication. If public speaking is a source of anxiety for you, seek out CPE courses that feature proven techniques to calm your nerves and speak clearly and powerfully.

2. Digital presentations

A slide deck, PowerPoint, or other form of multimedia presentation, is a great way to clarify and enhance your speaking message and to connect with your audience. Whether you are an executive, manager, sales representative, service provider, or entrepreneur, the ability to create and communicate clearly through a digital presentation. 

But not all digital presentations are created equally. Poorly-created slides and multimedia presentations can actually distract from your presentation rather than improve it. And even seasoned presenters may not know about the new features and capabilities of the most commonly used presentation platforms. 

CPE courses that enhance and teach new skills can give your digital presentations the edge to help them stand out and help you feel even more confident in your presentation skills.

3. On-screen presence

Online speaking and presentations are now a regular part of most business interactions. Whether you are meeting virtually with co-workers or leading an online webinar, learning how to maximize the effectiveness of your online presentations and enhance your on-screen presence is essential to success in the modern business world. 

Whether you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the most commonly used online meeting programs, tricks of the trade for presenting your best self on camera, or learning how to keep an online audience engaged, there are continuing education courses available online that can help. 

Improving your speaking and presenting skills is one of the most important things you can do to elevate your business and advance your career. Choosing CPE webinars and courses that will enhance your abilities and confidence in these areas will provide both immediate returns and positive, long-term benefits for your investment.