Three Important

Factors to Consider When Choosing Continuing Education Courses

Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Continuing Education Courses Many aspects of professional life have changed significantly over the past few years. A global pandemic necessitated a quick shift to remote work and learning for many people. Now, a few years in, professionals find themselves in various working situations from those who remain fully remote to others who are returning to in-person, hybrid, or flex hour arrangements. 

For Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), one constant in the midst of all these changes is the need to maintain their professional licenses through continuing professional education (CPE). And today, just like with other aspects of professional life, there are a variety of formats that CPAs can choose from to obtain their necessary credits. 

Thankfully, attending expensive, multi-day, in-person conferences or inconveniently-timed or located on-site classes are no longer the only options for acquiring professional education. CPAs now have a wide array of remote learning options in the form of live webinars, on-demand courses and certification programs, and even virtual conferences that make it possible to earn CPE quickly and conveniently. 

Although many companies offer online continuing education, in order to have the best possible experience while earning CPE, it’s important that CPAs find the platform that is the best fit for them. Consider the following three factors when choosing a CPE provider to increase your chances of finding professional education courses that are right for you.


Continuing professional education is intended to increase the skills and knowledge of CPAs and other professionals in order to improve their effectiveness in their jobs. This means it's crucial to find a CPE provider that offers a variety of quality CPE-eligible courses on topics that are of interest and relevant to their careers. These courses should be taught by current practitioners and should bring in real-world context and knowledge that can enhance your career progress. To make the most of an instructor’s expertise, look for providers that offer live webinars or instructor support for on-demand courses that allow you to ask questions and receive feedback.


Look for CPE providers that offer on-demand courses and certification programs that allow you to work on your professional education at any time and at the speed you desire. The ability to complete an on-demand course or a multi-hour certification quickly and efficiently can be invaluable both to keeping your career moving forward and your professional license on track.

Beyond the convenience of working at your own pace, the best CPA continuing education providers also make the collection of CPE data easy to obtain and share with your state oversight board. Illumeo's CPE Tracker provides tracking for all CPE, even credits acquired elsewhere, that lets you track and report on all of your CPE in one place.


CPE doesn’t have to be expensive. Many companies even provide free live webinars that offer CPE credit. Live webinars aren’t always offered at times that are compatible with your personal schedule, however, so finding a company that also offers affordable on-demand courses is key. Although it may be tempting to look for companies that offer a-la-carte pricing per course, if you need to earn more than just a couple of credit hours, finding a provider that offers subscriptions usually turns out to be the most affordable option, especially if you start with a free trial.

Once you’ve found the online CPE platform that is right for you, the struggle to stay on track with your CPA continuing education requirements can become a thing of the past. Let Illumeo help you earn your CPE credits and certifications easily and efficiently in a way that fits your budget and enhances your career.