Accountant's Guide

to Preventing Burnout

Accountant's Guide to Preventing Burnout Accountants tend to be perfectionists and often work long hours, which can lead to burnout.

To prevent burnout, you need to take proactive steps by setting boundaries for yourself and not working so much. It's essential that you also make sure your time at home is well spent with family and friends because these relationships are critical for our mental health.

Here are some changes you can make to protect yourself from burnout and balance your life.


The best way for accountants to prevent burnout is by getting the recommended hours of sleep every night. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, you will feel more stressed and risk making mistakes due to exhaustion the next day. Rest so you can be recharged, ready for whatever may come your way.

Practice mindfulness.

If you feel like you're not controlling your personal or professional life, consider practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that individuals can perform to help them pay attention to what's happening in their lives without reacting or thinking about the past or future. Take short breaks throughout the day to reset your mind and body.

Take a break during lunch or mental health day.

It's essential to take note of when you need a break. Take a day off to reset and unplug from work. It's hard to get out of the flow when you're so focused at work or when there's a lot to do, but remember to take a vacation whenever you can. 

Go out to eat lunch instead of staying at your desk. Smell the fresh air and look at nature. Take a walk or schedule some time each day where no one can interrupt you. Drink that cup of coffee and rejuvenate before carrying on with the rest of your workday.


Working out and moving your body can help get rid of stress and keep your good health. Spend 20 minutes stretching. Not only is it essential for living longer, but regular exercise such as walking or jogging can also improve mental clarity and energy level. Plus, feeling better about yourself after a workout can make everything else seem less stressful. You'll be ready to conquer the workday! 

Enjoy your weekend.

Many people feel guilty leaving their desks with unfinished work before starting the weekend. But, doing so can also help your productivity level because you won't be tackling many tasks at once. Spend your weekend with your family, friends or do something that you enjoy. Work will always be there when you come back on Monday.

While you may need to remind yourself why you chose to be an Accountant in the first place, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, exercise, practicing mindfulness, and a balanced diet will help you avoid feeling burnout at work. Remember that you should take some time off work, even for lunch, to focus on your physical and mental health!