3 Essential

Skills Every Accountant Needs in a COVID-19 World

3 Essential Skills Every Accountant Needs in a COVID-19 World As an Accountant, you’re no stranger to dealing with challenges and setbacks, such as the tax laws changing or your Excel suddenly crashing while you're trying to update a formula.

However, changes and uncertainties due to COVID-19 can leave you feeling stuck in your career development as an Accountant. 

Here are three essential skills you can develop as an Accountant to stay relevant during COVID-19.

1. Communication

Accountants are often the liaison between different departments in a company. You have to be able to work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and maintain your professionalism at all times! To do this successfully, you need strong communication skills to help put both parties on the same page. 

Most meetings are now virtual, and communication is done through email or instant message, it's essential to have lines of communication open with everyone involved. It'll ensure that everyone stay informed about what goes into each project and the status, so nothing falls through the cracks or gets overlooked!

Also, remember that not everyone will understand the accounting jargon, so taking something complicated and explaining it in simple terms goes a long way. 

2. Organization

If you are working on multiple projects at once, it's best to keep an organized system for all of them. Remember, it can be overwhelming with many things on your plate so try not to take up more than you can handle. Whether it's your workstation or your calendar, make sure everything is well maintained so that nothing gets lost and you don't end up missing out on important information.

Stay organized by adopting these simple ideas:

  • Create a checklist that keeps track of everything, from the tasks to steps you need to get done regularly. This way, you won't get confused with files or even miss important deadlines. 

  • Schedule time to work on substantial projects without any distraction.

  • Take digital notes so that you can easily share them with your team. 

3. Constant Learning

With COVID-19 and the rise of online courses and virtual learning, it's easier now than ever to learn without having to travel. Take advantage of your expertise and increase your knowledge base by learning new skills from online CPE courses, attending seminars, or reading more about the industry. 

Keeping up with the latest trends in accounting can also be helpful to stay relevant. Not only will you learn more, but it can help give insight on what changes are coming next, so you'll know how best to prepare for them! 

Ask questions, and for help when you're struggling will give you the chance to learn something new. Often times you'll be surprised to learn a new shortcut that could make your job easier and more efficient.