Organization Development

And Enhancement of Product & Services

Organization Development And Enhancement of Product & Services Organization development is a process of a planned and systematic approach that helps organizations identify problems, build their capacity to change and improve their effectiveness. It is an evidence-based process that uses scientific findings for creating a process that is structured, controlled, and tested.

Like many other process improvement methodologies, the organization development process follows steps that can be repeated in order to achieve the desired changes. These steps can be tested and adjusted till the organization gets the results it wanted. Being an action-oriented process, it precisely analysis the organization as a whole. The focus is on the current situation of the organization and its future requirements and then using techniques, trainings, and behavior modeling to assist the organization in successfully adapting to the complex and rapidly changing market environment.

The organization development process begins with the identification and diagnosis of an issue, followed by data collection about organization environment and employees' behavioral problems. Feedback on data collected, developing an action plan and strategy for change, team building, evaluating initial results and adapting to the plan are steps that help organization transition into more productive `.  

Organization development brings innovation, and it is a major factor that contributes to the enhancement of products and services. The need for employee development causes organizations to regularly improve and build their employee skills through employee development and training programs, focusing on rewarding success and elevating motivation,  in order to meet the constantly changing market requirements. Today's business world demands adapting to changing products and services, platforms, and environments to keep up with shifting demands. With employee development and employee engagement comes creativity and innovation.

Organizational development promotes change and innovation and requires analyzing many kinds of information to be a success. For the enhancement of products and services, organizational development is important as it helps in analyzing and effectively using every element of product and process innovation. Competitive analysis, technology development, consumer expectations, and market research, etc are some of the processes that assist organizational development in product and service enhancement.

The process of organization development flourishes certain organizational characteristics that facilitate the enhancement of processes and services.

  • Commitment to long term growth
  • Awareness and preparedness of the organization of its threats and opportunities
  • Acceptance of risk
  • Mutual respect among employees and willingness to work together as cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to identify external technology developments
  • Manage innovation and provide an environment that fosters creativity
  • Readiness to accept change
  • Diversity of knowledge and skills

The organization development process not only improves the workflow and efficiency of employees but also helps instill an organizational culture that enables the organization to grow and have a competitive edge in the long run.

Organization development certification provides tools that prepare manager and leaders to lead, consult and train other within a workplace. It also helps in gaining skills to manage to change demands of the corporate world, learn advanced strategies that help in creating development programs, and practical experience needed for critical business and organization development challenges.