Illumeo Student


Illumeo Student ScholarshipIllumeo is very happy to announce our new Illumeo Student Scholarship today. Read all about it here. The short story is that we're giving away 10 Illumeo "Scholarships" every month through 2020 (that's 70 scholarships total - full information here) to qualifying students in accounting, finance, and related areas - including undergrads, graduate students, and even those in 'post-grad' studies such as for a CPA or the like. 

We're doing this because Illumeo is a great learning resource that adds 'real-world' expertise to the book knowledge that students tend to receive, creating a great combination of, as we say, "both debits and credits (or NPV or any F&A concept) and the context that makes them meaningful in the 'real-world'". This scholarship program is just one of many ways in which Illumeo gives back to the professional community who use our platform.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might benefit.