Illumeo Annual Survey Tells Us Companies Are Failing to Train Audit, Accounting & Finance

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We have closed out submissions to Illumeo's 2018 Audit, Accounting and Corporate Finance Professional Development Survey and gathered the results. Let's just say our eyes were opened quite a bit by what we saw and heard. Being from this world (audit, accounting and finance) in past lives we always knew that training for these professionals was a challenge. It's not easy keeping already-highly-skilled people well, highly skilled - and current. But we know it's very doable, and at reasonable cost as well. 

What our survey, answered by over 400 mostly senior, mostly mid- and large-sized company leaders told us was that professional development for these and related functions is as important as ever, perhaps moreso, yet the vast majority of companies fail to provide sufficient training or, for those who need it, CPE. That leaves the very busy people up and down these organizations more-or-less fending for themselves. 

This is not to say that HR/L&D ignores their plight. Far from it. But it clearly shows that companies of size, who actually care about professional development for these critical employees, are making these employees figure it out for themselves, wasting time, effort and money every step of the way. 

To see the data and learn more about the state of professional development in these functions, click here.