8 Benefits

of Personalized CPE Course Plans

8 Benefits of Personalized CPE Course PlansWould you rather prefer a pizza that is taken off a shelf and put in the microwave or one where you choose the size, the base and the toppings? That is essentially the difference between generic training plans and personalized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course plans. These personalized course plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of a particular employee or even of a particular role at a specified skill level. This is what makes these course plans a lot more engaging, and therefore, effective for both the trainee and his organization. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of personalized CPD course plans now:

1. They are more relevant

Since personalized course plans are custom-made to meet the specific needs of an individual, they automatically become more useful to him or her when compared with basic courses. A highly personalized course plan will take into account your current skill level and what you need to learn in order to be better at the role you are doing or are expected to do in the future.

2. Personalized courses have a higher completion rate

Course plans which are personalized and tailored for a particular employee or job profile have a much higher completion rate when compared with generic course plans. Massive open online courses have the lowest completion rate because they cannot really cater to the unique needs of an individual – like taking into account the existing level of understanding or highlighting the relevance of the training.

3. They offer a flexible schedule

Personalized CPD courses don’t always have to be attended in person or even via a live web session. They are designed to suit the needs of an individual and once the design phase is complete, the trainee can complete the training material at his own pace and at a time of his own choosing.  

4. They manage expectations better

Employees or managers who undergo CPD already have a large degree of professional experience. If these experienced individuals are subjected to material  that they already know, it would make the whole training exercise irrelevant for them. They might even feel let down that so little time and effort has been spent by the organization to understand what they really need to learn.

5. They empower the trainee

Some personalized CPD course plans allow the trainee to participate in designing and customizing his own training package. This way the trainee feels empowered to determine his own training and career progression.

6. They allow you to really see the impact of the training

The first step in a personalized program is usually the analysis of the current strengths and weaknesses of the trainee. While many programs conduct an evaluation only at the end, personalized course plans  benefit from having both a before and after picture which allows the trainee to clearly gauge the impact of the course.

7. They allow for greater interaction

When compared with generic course plans which might have little to no interaction between a trainer and trainee, personalized course plans by nature require a lot of participation from both parties. This allows for a better interaction qualitatively.

8. They fit better with long term goals

A personalized CPD course plan might be part of a larger individual development program which takes into account your skills, experience and aspirations. Such a plan would only serve to take you closer to your long term targets and make you more suitable for the responsibilities that you aim to undertake.