Get Control

of Your CPE Reporting

Have you ever sat down to fill out your expense report after a business trip, only to realize you've lost some of your receipts? It's a nightmare. You need the receipts to prove your expenses otherwise your company won't reimburse you. You wish you'd kept track better but for now, you're out of luck.

Now imagine instead of an expense report you're actually preparing your report for your CPE requirements. You know you earned the required amount of CPE but you can't find the documentation - and the deadline is tomorrow!

When it's an expense report, you can just eat that $20 that you won't be reimbursed. But when it comes to your CPE, there is a lot more at stake. Depending on your certification, you could be fined between $500 and $8,000, reprimanded, or even lose your license if you don't have proof of the CPE you earned.  

Yet too many people find themselves scrambling to provide proof of their CPE credits. That's a problem. Not only do you have to submit the paperwork regularly, but you run the risk of being audited. That's why you should have proof of your CPE credits for at least five years, though that may vary based on your certification. 

Does that scare you? If you don't know where all your certificates are, it should. You spend a lot of time and money earning CPE to keep up to date on your requirements, so why aren't you tracking it? 

We know it can be hard to keep up with everything. You earn a few CPE credits from one organization, a few from another, and you wind up with paper certificates in a drawer, PDFs in a digital file, and emails with links to more documents in your inbox. Everything is spread out and easy to lose. But tracking those credits should be just as important as earning them. 

At least we think so. That's why we're offering a better way to track your CPE. 

Illumeo has launched a new CPE tracking tool, which is not only included in all Illumeo subscriptions, but is actually also free for anyone to use, whether or not they are a subscriber. This tool automatically archives all CPE certificates earned through Illumeo, whether through webinars or on-demand courses, meaning you no longer have to save the certifications yourself. But even better, you can upload CPE certifications earned elsewhere and track them as well. 

Now you can keep track of all your hard earned CPE in one place, and no more panic when it's time to report your CPE.

Sorry, though, we still can't help you with those missing receipts from your business trip!