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When the SOX legislation passed, legislators and investors were concerned about the many instances of corporate fraud that had occurred. This concern manifested in several separate sections of the legislation including:

  • Title V: Analyst Conflicts of Interest
  • Title VIII: Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability
  • Title IX: White Collar Crime Penalty Enhancement
  • Title XI: Corporate Fraud Accountability

Many things have changed in 20 years since the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley. Fraud is still a concern and in today’s world there are more and more ways that fraud can be conducted. Companies must remain vigilant in their efforts to vet out fraud and ensure their organizations have proper processes in place to protect their information and their shareholders.

This session provides a look at the concept of fraud – 20 years after the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation was passed.

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Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Sourcing Emerging Risks Part 1
Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Evaluating Testing Processes
Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Sourcing Emerging Risks Part 2
Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Examining Fraud Risks

Learning Objectives

  • Discover and revisit the various fraud sections.
  • Identify and review the concept of fraud evaluations.
  • Explore and examine current survey statistics on SOX efforts.
  • Recognize and understand the efforts of the Anti-Fraud Collaboration effort started in 2010.
  • Explore and evaluate concepts identified in the AFC survey to enhance your fraud efforts.
Last updated/reviewed: May 12, 2022

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Anonymous Author
I am preparing to return to internal audit after a sabbatical, and found this update very beneficial in identifying the areas where I need to catch up.
Anonymous Author
excellent course. The use of data analytic trends was very interesting, and valuable in the SOX environment.
Member's Profile
I thought this course was a good overview and refresher and brought up new topics as well. Recommend.
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Very informative. Speaker covered objectives clearly and concisely. Excellent class.
Anonymous Author
great overview of changes/ development of SOX in the current environment


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Course Syllabus
  4:21Introduction to Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Examining Fraud Risks
  3:53Sarbanes Oxley Fraud Sections
  3:58SOX Fraud Evaluations
  9:00Anti Fraud Collaboration
  16:00Identifying Fraud in the Future
  9:14Using Skepticism to Vet Out Fraud
  3:26Fraud in the Future
  7:41Perspective of Financial Reporting Fraud and SEC Investigations
  10:00Fraud Focus in the New Environment
  7:35New Methods to Identify Fraud
  7:17Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  7:20Other Methods and Conclusion
  1:29:45Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Examining Fraud Risks
  PDFSlides: Sarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Examining Fraud Risks
  PDFSarbanes-Oxley Update - 20 Years Later: Examining Fraud Risks Glossary/Index
  PDFHandouts: Top Fraud Risks in Today