Save the Holidays With Illumeo

Don't doom your CPAs to another holiday spent on CPE course-taking. Illumeo brings year-round learning and CPE.


Why Will The Holidays Will Be Lost If You Don't Help?

Certified accounting and corporate finance professionals (e.g. CPAs, CMAs, etc.) have traditionally been "on their own" when it comes to on-demand learning since corporate LMSs lack the tools, course catalog, and CPE credit those unique professionals need.

This leads to all manner of expensive, last second training that the company still pays for and which leads to hundreds of thousands of ruined family holidays every year. You can help!

Illumeo provides "Enterprise CPE" for many of the largest, most successful companies in the world, helping them help their employees learn and get their CPE. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover, to say nothing of far lower spending on training. All good things for the company.

Get a jump on year-end learning by bringing Illumeo to your team now. Don't wait for the holidays - by then it's too late. And don't let another year slip by without an on-demand learning and CPE solution that covers all of your folks. They will thank you.

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